Marvel's Avengers developers talk multiplayer, monetisation and the lack of MCU

Tomb Raider developer Crystal Dynamics finally unveiled its long-awaited Avengers project at E3 this week, but left us with more questions than answers.

In a gameplay presentation today, I saw an extended version of that Avengers reveal played out in front of me – the level themed around “A-Day” where a hapless Avengers squad battles masked foes and become distracted from a larger threat. It’s a heavily-scripted level which sees each of the game’s five starting heroes become playable for a short section where they each battle waves of largely-identical enemies across San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge, before Black Widow faces off against Taskmaster in a boss fight.

Again, I was left with more questions than answers. Crystal is showing this particular level but talked earlier this week of a much larger plan for the game, one which turns it into a co-op games-as-a-service vehicle. And, while a generous-sounding plan for post-launch DLC was promised, it remains to be seen how any of the game’s multiplayer sections actually work.

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Source: EuroGamer

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