Call of Duty: Modern Warfare cross-play will be input-based like Fortnite

When the confusingly-named Call of Duty: Modern Warfare was unveiled a few days ago, one of the more exciting features announced (along with the revamped engine) was full console cross-play. As something only made possible by Sony’s cross-play policy change in September 2018, it’s the first time we’ll see true console cross-play in a Call of Duty title – but this left many wondering exactly how it would work.

Thanks to a Forbes article and a tweet from an Infinity Ward dev, we now have an idea.

As described in the Forbes piece, cross-play between Xbox, PC and PS4 will be “input-based” to prevent PC players from merking absolutely everyone else. This means the game will detect whether you’re using a keyboard and mouse or controller, and pool you with players using the same input device. Sounds fair and square.

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Source: EuroGamer

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