Disgusting giant eyeball emerges beneath Fortnite's Polar Peak

Remember the end of Fortnite season eight when a large lump of volcanic rock struck the side of Polar Peak? It was just for drama and had no consequences at all… right?

The latest twist in Fortnite’s ever-evolving narrative is that a giant monster eye has popped open underneath Polar Peak. This thing is massive: it tracks player movement and the pupil even dilates when a player gets too close. I’m just glad it’s still frozen behind sheet eyes (for now).

Of course, a number of theories have emerged on Reddit and Twitter seeking to explain this monstrosity. Inspired by a purported “leak” from this time last year, some argue the eye signals the introduction of a Leviathan-themed LTM where players have to take down a monster boss. But, by now, this has simply become a meme.

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Source: EuroGamer

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